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The most secure and affordable data storage solution in the Middle East and North Africa

YottaChainMENA is redefining blockchain data storage throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Fast, secure, affordable and infinitely scalable, we offer the most advanced and trusted Decentralised Data Storage solution available. Based on cutting-edge patented technology and a ground-breaking business model, we are making the future of data storage available today!

Who benefits from decentralised data storage?

Data Storage Companies
Server Manufacturers
Server Suppliers
Medium & Large Businesses
Public Sector Entities
Individuals & Sole Traders

Built on the back of world class technology developed by leading international scientists, YottaChainMENA offers a massive global storage pool, connecting distributed resources around the world. The pool by far overwhelms existing centralised storage technology, delivering ten thousand times the reliability, DDoS resistance and disaster tolerance, guaranteeing data sovereignty for each and every user. And all at a fraction of the cost of traditional centralised storage solutions.

Why decentralised data storage?

YottaChainMENA’s decentralised data storage blockchain utilises scattered storage resources located around the globe. This decentralisation creates an enormous world-wide storage pool with significant benefits over traditional centralised storage. Reliability is thousands of times greater, yet with hugely reduced costs, whilst ensuring data sovereignty for users.

Boasting multiple technology awards, and with over 200 patents at home and abroad, YottaChainMENA is the future of secure, reliable and affordable data storage. Together with our Partners across the Middle East and North Africa, we are creating a Blockchain Storage Ecosystem that is changing the world of data storage.

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At YottaChainMENA, we believe that businesses are stronger when working together. Our unique Partner Program allows businesses within the Middle East and North Africa regions, not to contribute to our commercial and technological success, but to share in it with us!

Blockchain data storage is one of the world’s fastest growing technologies and, with YottaChainMENA at the forefront of development, there has never been a better time to work with us. Are you ready to future-proof your business?

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