YottaChainMENA... we ARE Blockchain Data Storage!

YottaChainMENA is at the forefront of blockchain data storage development, one of the world’s most impacting and fastest growing technologies. With the support of its global team of designers, developers and system architects, YottaChainMENA is redefining blockchain data storage throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Built on the back of world class technology developed by leading international scientists, YottaChainMENA offers a massive decentralised global storage pool, connecting distributed resources all around the world. Boasting multiple technology awards, and with over 200 patents at home and abroad, YottaChainMENA is the future of secure, reliable and affordable data storage.


“YottaChainMENA has broken through the key problem of de-duplication after encryption, which currently constrains the industry. It has created a global-shared and self-healing storage pool by connecting decentralised storage resources, ensuring data sovereignty for everyone.”

Middle East and North Africa Data Storage Markets

Within the Middle East and North Africa region, United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of blockchain technology and the data storage industry. In addition, The UAE government has announced that 50% of its processes will be moved onto decentralised blockchain within the very near future.

It is for that reason that YottaChainMENA made the strategic decision to locate its headquarters in Dubai.

The data storage market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has been steadily growing, mainly driven by investments from telecom operators and financial institutions. With the launch of 5G networks, the usage of data will grow exponentially across the MENA region.

And YottaChainMENA will be the leading decentralised data storage provider.

Patented Technology

YottaChainMENA’s patented technology provides the most secure and the most affordable data storage solution available. Its platform is the only decentralised (blockchain) data storage platform to feature both the deduplication and high-level encryption (Zero Knowledge Encryption) of data.

Other decentralised platforms, such as IPFS (FileCoin) are limited to either deduplication or data encryption. Typically, platforms such as this have opted for ‘affordable data’ (deduplication), meaning that companies cannot use them for core data, which always requires encryption. These blockchains are suitable only for ‘light’ online services, such as public access websites.

With our ground-breaking technology, YottaChainMENA is not just outperforming other decentralised platforms, but also outperforming leading centralised platforms, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure.

Blockchain Protocol, Consensus Mechanism and Data Nodes

Decentralised data storage has very specific challenges, ones that existing blockchain protocol was unable to solve. Creating a new protocol to meet these challenges presented a huge risk, with years of research, development and testing required. YottaChain’s founder, Dr Alex Wang, decided to take up this challenge.

Supported by a team of world class scientists and developers, Dr Wang opted for EOS Blockchain, tailoring it to be the perfect platform for the decentralised data storage industry. In blockchain language, this is called ‘Fork’. The platform still incorporates the best of EOS, but also includes the best new features required to optimise decentralised data storage.

The platform also changed the EOS’s Delegated Poof of Consensus (DPoS) mechanism, to support the unique requirements of decentralised storage and to secure Quality of Service (QoS) at all times.

PoSt (Proof of Storage) is an improved heartbeat method where each node actively writes the heartbeat signal, solving the problem of untrustworthy data nodes. On PoSt consensus, the loss of storage device resources is far lower, effectively reducing system costs.

In addition to technical superiority, YottaChainMENA’s Partner Program offers a unique business model, empowering its Partners and enabling them to generating significant passive income from node ownership.