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We know that businesses are far stronger when they work together… more efficient, more profitable and more resilient in the face of market changes. YottaChainMENA’s unique Partner Program allows businesses and individuals from across the Middle East and North Africa to come together in a collaborative way that results in commercial success for all.

YottaChainMENA is at the forefront of blockchain data storage development, one of the world’s most impacting and fastest growing technologies. There has never been a better time to capitalise on this multi-billion dollar industry and our Partner Program allows businesses and individuals to do just that.

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Our Partner Program offers an unbeatable business opportunity. An opportunity to grow, profit and establish enviable credibility within the data storage marketplace. Decentralised blockchain storage is the future and you can be a part of it today!

Why decentralisation matters

One of the primary benefits of the decentralisation of data is that it cuts out the middle man on every transaction. The reliance on ‘trust’ is replaced by advanced error-free computer code. However you use and manage data, whether it’s personal, financial or corporate, decentralisation benefits every business and every individual.

The decentralisation of data is proving to be one of the biggest technological game changers in history. Already there are examples of how decentralisation has caused traditional centralised systems to become redundant. It is already possible, for example, to get loans funded immediately by communities, or create passive income streams without a middle man. Banks and other traditional financial institutions are no longer required for financial agreements and transactions. Instead, decentralised consensus mechanisms can automatically grant loans, transfer funds and even generate passive revenue for you.

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